September 19, 2011

Nobody Need Wait

Ever see something wonderful happen?

You might not realize it, but I bet you are a part of a 'feel good moment' everyday.

Maybe it's that guy that held open the door extra long for the lady with the stroller. Or the teenager who helped a woman load groceries into her car. The sales clerk taking extra special care of a lost little girl until her mom finds her. Letting that person with one item go in front of you and your full cart at the grocery store. Donating books or food to shelters. Volunteering. Simply saying hello and asking how someone is.

For lack of better words, no matter how trite it might sound, these are all good deeds

I believe that people are good at heart. And that they go out of their way to help others simply because they can and want to.

Nobody Need Wait is a place for any and everyone to share 'feel good moments'. Whether you witnessed it happen, read about it, or were someone's everyday hero, I want to hear your story. And I think other people do too.

After all, you never know how your story might touch others. Maybe you will inspire someone else to change the world.

I'm not sure if one person can change the world. But you can most certainly mean the world to one person.

Submit your story now.

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